So it's finally up!

It's been a year and a half in the making, but after months of blood, sweat and a few tears, Infinite Guitar is up an running.

Could it possibly be the greatest guitar instructional site on the planet? Hopefully it will!


Go check it out and watch the opening video to hear some cool original tunes by some of the instructors, which are also taught in song tutorials.

We cover pretty much everything there is to know about guitar playing clearly, and in depth as well. Everything from Rock, to metal, to fusion, to blues and jazz.

There are 10 free lessons you can check out to gauge and idea of how we operate and of what our lesson content is.

Also, be sure to register for our forums as well. It will be THE place to be in the music community where you can not only talk about music, but anything that you have on your mind.


We have a nice rundown of very skilled musicians as your tutors:

Sean Conklin (Owner and Founder)

Rick Graham (Shredder extraordinare)

Richard Lundmark (Incredible fusion player)

Robert Mussatti (ME! the "theory guru")

Mike Edwin (Renown jazz guitarist)

Pavel Denisjuk (Shred is not dead with this guy!)

Jimi Fiano (Funk player for the ages!)

So be sure to check us out and if you like what you see and are in the mood for some incredible guitar instruction and want to take your playing to the next level, be sure to sign up and become a premium member. We are all hear to help you out so don't be shy about asking us anything guitar playing related that you are having a problem with.

Make sure you tell as many people as you can about this site and if you can, add us onto your myspace as well!

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i seriously am probably wrong but... is this advertisement?


I wouldn't report you

EDIT: i actually just went to the site... its pretty sweet
Wooo, this is awesome! I really dig the Settle For Metal lesson.
This may be spam, but it's darn GOOD spam. But I still won't register just to get some more lessons...
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It may be considered an advertisement, but at least it isn't by someone who has just signed up and hasn't contributed anything to the site.
Looks great!

Play a Cort ?

Play with V-Picks ?

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Looks like a great site!
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