Well, I've had my guitar for a couple of months now and have already run into a technical problem. My first cable (from amp to guitar) broke so I had to get a knew one. I've been using it for a week now and it's stopped working. The amp is on but there isn't any noise coming out. If I touch the end of the pin a loud static emits from the amp. I've checked the wire carefully and it doesn't appear to be broken in any way. So its either the guitar thats broken or the amp. Any ideas on which is broken?

If theres noise from the amp when you touch the lead (i guess thats what you mean by pin), then I'd reccomend trying the guitar's volume knob.
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Sounds like the guitar - check the input socket.

I had a similar problem about a year ago with my bass. The input had come away from the wiring under the scratchplate, and it just needed soldering back together.
I've switched the guitar lead around and tried putting both inputs into the guitar and it still doesn't work.
maybe the guitar needs volume
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