what guitar do you guys suggest i should start with in my first build? are all guitars the same difficultity to make?
Well, to answer the questions:

1. I would go with something like a Strat

2. No, as some guitars are a really complicated shape of such...

I hope that answers it!!
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yeah that helped. and i kinda think it would be easier than trying to find parts for a les paul.

what makes you say make a hello kitty strat technicolor?
Strat, easy plus your routing can be less than perfect because you'll have a pickguard over it and you won't have to drill because the pots just go right into the pickguard.

Good Luck.
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i'd say something like a les paul would be easier as the cut aways can be tricky to get perfectly shaped, plus the parts are probably easier to get hold of, you might have some trouble with the wires though, feeding them through i mean, if your not going with a top.
ok well i saw this strat one time it looked kinda big and the "horns" i guess you could call had one a little more up on the neck than the other and it just looked awesome. what kind of strat is that? or is that some other kind of guitar that looks like a strat? i think it had kind of a squarish top neck to it where the machine heads were.