So I have the oppertunity to eirther get a proper full 120 button accordian (those really big ones) or a 5 string banjo. The problem is that its not about learning curves but which ones better in the long run. I love both styles of playing from these types of instruments and I wont get bored with them either. Im quite good at fingerstyle and a reasonably good pianist so that makes it harder to decide.

basicly, share your experiance UG!
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Banjo, then you can learn "dueling banjos" and "hog bitch stomp".
banjo, they have easy chords, the finger picking is much easier to learn than an accordion, and they are awesome.... i mean any simple song just sounds freaking amazing.
dude, banjo all the way. that way you can put together some pretty ****in sweet irish punk riffs. i guess you could do that with accordion too, but i like banjos better.
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Accordianjo. INVENT IT, BITCH.
Seriously though, theyre both cool. flip a coin or smething
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banjo.. get the banjo. do it.

do it.

dooo iiittt!!
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don't let it get to your head

go banjo man!!!!!
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as much as i love banjo, whether it be bluegrass or old-time, resonator or open-back, 4-string or 5-string, tenor or plectrum ... an accordion would be f'in awesome.

you'd be able to play weird al, they might be giants and the the!

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Are you kidding me? Banjo!
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get an accordion and rock out to mexican music.

touché. i forgot about the possibilities with ranchero music.
Both are very hard to play, but I would get a banjo.

They're just all around cooler.

Banjos aren't hard to play.
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Banjo. The Accordion, from what I've heard, is pretty difficult.
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Banjos aren't hard to play.

scruggs style is difficult to get the hang of. as a guitarist though it'd be easier to learn.
I've played the accordion. Get it. It's cool(I got bored so I don't play anymore:P)
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seriously.. if you can fingerpick guitar decently youll love banjo..

theres nothing better than a bluegrass jamboree
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I don't know which would be the best choice, both are awesome. But as a bluegrass lover I have got to say banjo.
Accordion!!! You can play old russian folk songs.
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out of downright nationalism i have to say accordion

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My mom has an accordion, definatly get the banjo. It's got so much more cool stuff to play on.

theres a guy in my dorm that plays pink floyd on accordion (another brick in the wall, its epic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ueriBmcS3Q )
apparently he's done metallica too
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