Im trying to figure out what to practice. Ive been playing for about a month and I have been mostly been playing tabs which ive heard doesn't make a good guitar player. I know how to play the A minor Blues and Pentatonic Scales. I can play chords and Barre chords. I have no knowldege of musical theory. I don't have a teacher because the times they teach at I have things going on. Anyone have any suggestions? I just don't want to get into bad practice/playing habbits.
just try learning as many of your favorite songs as you can, that way you can see patterns in songs you like, which will sort of show you how to write your own stuff.
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for now all you need is to practice your chords, progression, and scales, start out with chords, then once you get used to them start switching around between them, see what progressions you like, then go on to practicing scales, since that'll help your dexterity and speed, once you get used to a certain scale, start improving a little with it, maybe throw in a few of the chords that you learned previously and see how they fit into the scale and what notes go along with different chords. That should take up your guitar time for a few months to come, once you get really comfortable with all 15 scales in major and minor, then you start going into your modes, which, unless you're really gifted and practice A LOT should take about a year or so to get there at the very least

if you want to learn music theory, there's some good, basic, FREE stuff at musictheory.net

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For Chord Progressions should i just use randoms chords that i know in a pattern or are there certain progressions i should use?
Thanks for the help so far.
YOu can do what I did.. go to piratebay and type "guitar lesson" and download every single thing you see
You Could Take a Bunch of songs you like that have sounds or skills are parts you like that you dont know how to do and learn them and incorprate them into your own style. Keep learning scales and chords and it also wouldnt hurt to play with a metronome for timing and speed.
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