For all you avid kayaks out there, i need some help choosing a kayak.

i'm going to be fishing out of the kayak so i've narrowed it down to two. So if you've heard any good or bad things about them, feel free to give me your insight.

the first one is the liquidlogic Manta Ray 14
the second one is the Prowler Big Game.
Old town makes quality kayaks. and pelican which is a branch off of old town. we have four of them. i suggest you look into them
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I'm a kayaker, but I have a fast and unstable kayak with a rudder, so I can't really help you on this one.

Fishing out of a kayak sounds dangerous, unless it's a really stable and slow model.
I remember when I went to Bewerley Park I did some kayaking, it knackers your arms, also i remember my friend fell in
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I'm an avid kayaker my summers= kayaking/guitar/biking

I own two kayaks, but I've never heard of either of the two you mentioned

if you're in canada, i could suggest a few really good canadian boats

EDIT: Look into wilderness systems, i used to own a wilderness system kayak and it had a very wide/stable stance, perfect for taking a dog out or fishing out of.
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I'm getting a mad river canoe synergy 12 when I can. I want it babad. they have a 14 as well. they look sweet in camo or sand. They look like they can hold alot of stuff.
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no, id say the Prowler Big Game. while the overone may be cheaper, it seems that they cut cornors. seeing as you may be out their for a good few hours, i think thementioned wiol be more comfotable. plus it looks more stable.
im more of a kayak racer so i cant realy help, but id go with the prowler
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