did i ever believe i would face the day
when i would surrender my dreams?
those better days to come
i never knew that they would miss me

did i not see the future, the penalties
of forgeting these things so easily?
and all for age
to grow older and say goodbye to those hopeful days
to give in to the world which says "live my way"

all lessons learned
i'd still go back to when i just let go
things would change


could i return
could i ever go back
could i leave this all behind
to find the days again
when you were there, always
all the things i've never been
yet have seen in abandoned visions
make these memories
real again

still looking back, oh what could have been
all those forgotten things
where did they run away to?
what now seems only dreams
were once a future
i was able to believe
my friend, how i've forgotten you

where did i run away to?

We're only strays.
I liked this a lot. I don't have any complaints really, nor do I really have any suggestions. The rhythm was good, and since there wasn't really a set rhyme scheme that I could discern, there wasn't a problem with that obviously This didn't really paint a particularly clear picture of what was going on, but since it was so general it also made it very easy to identify with, and frankly, I prefer to be able to identify with stuff than to have a vivid picture if I have to pick one. But regardless, I thought this was pretty good. If you could look at Illiterate in my sig, that would be awesome. Peace