Hey all...another newbie here.

I'm actually a drummer who's building an entire studio and I want to have guitar gear available for jamming and recording.

Here's the question:

I want to spend around $700 on guitar gear, including the guitar itself and a practice amp. The music will be mostly rock, ranging from "average" to "really heavy".

I've looked at some Epiphone Les Pauls, ESP's and Ibanez's.....also looked at some VOX and Line 6 amps with all of the "pre-set" sounds built in.

So - you've got $700 - what do you buy for the most versatile/hottest sound possible?

I really appreciate anyone's opinion!
A valve junior amp and an ibanez or an epi les paul standard

And if you still got money left buy a nice eq pedal too
if you want a good practice amp get a roland cube 20X or 30X,if you want it louder get the 60X
they all have built in chorus,flange,phase and trmolo and independant delay/reverb

not to mention they have alot of distortion channels even an accustic simulater
i think the 60 has all that and more i dont remember
A Fender HSS Strat and a Vox AD30vt should do the trick quite nicely. The Fender is very versatile, (I own one) and with the Vox you will have a wide pallete of sounds.

Hope this helps!

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Get an Ibanez and some form of modelling amp.

Modelling amps sound nice-ish for recording.

Maybe a Vox or Line 6 (Maybe a POD through a small tube amp?)
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