Hi guys! I've got a really cheap ovation cu147 on the hook and i'm just checking with you guys what you think about it before i buy it. I'm buying it for less than 300$, and i'm mainly going to use it as a travelling guitar. I've heard that they are supposed to be pretty durable. What do you guys think?

EDIT: It looks like it's an older version with the fet3 preamp (?), just thought that you should know!
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my personal opinion ovations are like an evil woman are pretty to look at, sound good plugged in, but unplugged they lack depth and heart they just dont sound good unplugged. If you mean travel guitar as in taking on trips and playing unplugged in the room or whatever then ide say no if you mean going to open mic nights and or gigs then yes. As for durability yes if you can get even a decent one they are very strong my buddy dropped his on a brick floor from strap hieght and it hit the floor back first then the neck just retuned and kept playing from that drop a lessor guitar (durability wise) would have been done.
I've once owned a high-end (breathtakingly beautiful) Ovation guitar. At the time I was thinking of how great Glen Cambell sounded on his. That guitar and I never became friends (Hey, I had the same problem with a '67 Martin D-18, and a '68 Gibson Les Paul - maybe it's me!). Mostly, I just could NOT deal with the bowl back. There is no way to keep it from slipping in a seated position and it's almost as awkward in a standing position. The technology behind the bowl-shaped body provides good volume, both plugged in and acoustically. The final sound is pretty dependant upon your string choice as the composite material adds nothing. As the previous writer said, these guitars do lack "soul." Any semblance of resonance is due to the tone wood used on the top, and whether or not it's solid or laminate (your $300 bargain may not have a solid top). It wasn't a sound that I liked. I found myself having to create a tone through EQ and effects, as the guitar just didn't have any of the classic "woody" tones that we all look for in an acoustic guitar. In short, I just didn't like it. Apparently, I'm not alone as you can buy Ovations for around your target price of $300, pretty regularly. Whereas, at one time (in the early 70s) Ovation was a pretty popular instrument. These days, my observation is that they aren't used so much anymore. Another thing that might help you decide might be to think of guitarists that you admire. Do any of them play Ovations exclusively? I don't mean posing for an ad so the company will sponsor you. I'm talking about consistant use live and in session. Best of luck on your decision (let us know). The bottom line is that if you love the guitar, you'll make music with it and you can't do better than that. It really doesn't matter what anyone else says or thinks.
Thanks a lot for your answers. Anyway, i've bought it.
It turns out that it really was a Ovation Pinnacle 3862, built in japan 1990.
It sounds great, altough it sounds better while playing through an amp than unplugged.
Also, it's supposed to have a solid spruce top, but i guess there's no way to know for sure.
The schaller tuningpegs are a plus for sure.
This guitar will do fine for all of my current needs.
Thanks again!
look at the end grain in the thickness of the wood around the soundhole if you have one on your ovation the grain runs lenghtwise up and down the body look at it in the soundhole if the line runs all the way down thru the thickness of the top then its solid anayways congrats on your new guitar purchase.