Hi, I have an Ibanez RG350MDX, it had two passive IBZ INF humbuckers at the neck and bridge, and one passive single coil pickup in the middle. It has one tone and one volume control and a 5-way selector switch. After a week of playing I upgraded the humbuckers to EMG 81/85, i left the single coil pickup in place, but after I put the EMG`s the single coil pickup sounds really ****, it sounds very dark and unclear. Maybe i did something wrong? Help would be appreciated.
Get rid of the single coil, you won't need it.
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Several problems.

The EMGs need 25k pots to work correctly, the single is designed to work with 500k pots - neither will work brilliantly with the wrong ones.

The EMGs are higher output than the middle single.

Your switch is designed to mix the middle single with the neck or bridge pickup split in positions 2 & 4 - your EMG's aren't splittable.
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Did the 81/85 come with new pots and switch? I left my guitar at the store to be installed...

If it didn't, i would recommend buying new pots and such. EMG's have a very specific way to set them up.

yeah i changed the pots with the ones that i got with the EMG`s
If you never plan on using a single-coil in the middle, then yes, disconnect it. You may want to get a 3-way blade switch to replace the 5-way, just so you don't have any dead spots in your switch.

Otherwise, get yourself an EMG SA.
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