I've been playing for about two months now, and I wanted to ask a quick question to make sure I'm not falling into any bad habits. When I'm fingerpicking, I end to use all four fingers about equally, and I know I've seen/read about others using their thumb alot more (ie thumb takes care of e-d strings while the index finger takes g, middle takes b, and ring takes high e). I think this is because I play the piano and its just instinct, but I also feel like it's harder to keep a steady rhythm if I'm using all four fingers like that. For example take the song 'Naked as We Came' by Iron and Wine


Would you guys be playing the D string notes with your thumb still (like a p-i-p-m pattern) or be doing what I do (p-m-i-a)? Thanks.
it doesn't matter tbh, play however you're comfiest...
i personally only use my thumb and index finger, and sometimes my middle finger. I also played piano before guitar, so i can see where you're coming from, but just play however easiest for you.
if it's in time and it sounds good, then what more do you need?
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