check your origional thread? i posted a crit for white crow there.

oh drat it got closed...anyways the gist of what i said was that i really enjoyed the keyboard sounds, and that the guitar riffs were well thought out and very catchy. generally brilliant musically...i would kill for your drummer. bass could have been more prominant in the mix. the song lacked some bottom end imo.

the vocals were decent, but i really didn't get into them. something about the tonal qualities of her voice disagrees with me. also, the chorus vocals seemed a bit cliche. just the "white....crow..." bit.

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Thanks for the helpful critique, I'm listening to your song now. Anybody else wanna help me out, and I'll help you out.
yeah, studio's are like that...i wish they weren't so darned expensive.
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I suppose it's worth it in the end. Alright, for the next people who critique White Crow I wanna know if the guitar tone is good or not, because I don't wanna record the other five songs on the album if the majority of people think the guitar tone is bad.
First Impression:

I'm not interested in the vocals, they don't really appeal to my tastes, so I kind of zoned them out.
Guitar tone was pretty sweet. The riffs were, as the others say, insanely catchy.
Your drummer is amazing...end of story.
Solo was really good, a whole lot of emotion not just fancy fretwork. Keyboard solo was interesting, but well played.

Second Look:

Guitar tone now seems a little more reverbish, the mix just seems a little weird for me because the guitars before the piano/guitar interlude seem too compressed, while after that they seem fine...i don't know.
The interlude is lacking much needed low end.
The song progresses very nicely, and keeps the intensity going throughout the whole song.

Good Job!

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