Let me know how it sounds? It's low quality and I kinda half-assed it but that's pretty much my life.
It's on my profile page.
i think it sounds pretty good i like the feel to it. with some lyrics and a band i think you'd have a great song
the ska/reggae part at :38 was good i enjoyed that part

it's def cool. but when using your DS-1 I could suggest tone at like 4-5, and dist as desired.. it sounds alot warmer then shrilly.
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I liked the clean parts. Your distortion sounded a bit shrill. It could be the recording, though. Otherwise, it had a good, rhythmic feel.
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ill crit as i listen.

there is a little clipping in the recording, turn down your mic input or place it farther from the amp to counteract that. you obviously have a DS 1 pedal. i actually like it with full tone normally, but for this i would turn that down a bit. was this done in one take? good job.
and the ska part is sweet.
im not normally one for punk and ska, but that was pretty sweet, with most of the things done right.

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thanks a lot fellas
the distortion was shrilly because I recorded with a god awful First Act amp that gets messed up if you turn the volume past 8'oclock, sorry for that
I'm going to try and re-record it with my band in the next couple weeks
it took two takes because my little brother ran down the stairs to tell me about his pokemon during the first one (which was better )