I have an ibanez Grx20 and i want to upgrade the bridge pickup for a better rhythm metalcore sound, till i get my new guitar. what pickup should i get? i would use it only for metal through a line 6 pod xt live
i need answer really quick thanks in advance

The JB's very flabby on the lows and has a quite nasal high mid spike. It's got a great lead voice but I personally don't like it for rythm. The Custom is one of my favorite Duncans though.

If you want to play fast stuff and your gain comes from your amp I would NOT use a high output pickup though. I'd go for either the FullSHred (slightly less hot than the FullShred but still pretty powerful) or the Jazz bridge. The Jazz is the best Duncan pickup I ever had for metal. Tight, full of harmonics, very clear, very rich sound.
SH-5. And if you're into messing with your equipment, stick an alnico 8 magnet in it. You'll thank me later.
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The Custom with an A8 mag is my main pickup too

Well the main complaint about Ceramic magnet pickups is that often the high end feels kinda shrill and piercing. The Custom avoids that but an A8 mag still tames it a little. You get more of the A5 warmth, without losing power and that low end tightness.

The Custom 5 is a VERY different pickup than the Custom despite having only the magnet being different.

The Custom with A8 is closer to the Custom, but with a slightly less shrill high end.

But honestly dude, don't do it unless you know what you're doing. Try the SH5 first and see what happens. It's still one of my favorite ever Duncans. It's a BRILLIANT pickup stock.
this would be the sh-15 right? i can't try the pickups before i buy them, 'cause where i live there aren't this pickups. I'm getting them from a relative who is coming from the U.S . I want a warmth tone, great for palm muting and fast picking, not to crunchy. is the sh 15 good for this? 'cause i cant find a single video of someone testing this pickup, same with the sh5 custom :/
Nah the SH15 is a brand new wind to complement the A8 magnet. The Custom with an A8 magnet is different.

The SH15 is BRAND new is only just started shipping.

Seriously... try the SH5. The improvement will be amazing.

Yeah, I love alnico 8 magnets. They're nice and powerful, yet very smooth. Exactly what I want.

As for changing the magnet, it isn't really that hard to do, you just have to make sure you get the polarity of the magnet in right. It's not the left and right side of the magnet you have to worry about, its the top and bottom.

That should be able to get you through the swap. When he says to make sure the sides attract to each other, he means the top and bottom of the magnets.
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For SilentMetal: Remember that a turd painted in gold is just a golden turd... It wil be an improvement but the best improvement is still a better guitar/amp. Though the pickup is obviously cheaper.
You can always keep the pickup for a new guitar anyway.
Oops, I forgot to describe how the alnico 8 sounds.

It is a very balanced magnet in all its frequencies, in my opinion. The bottom end is big and warm, but tight, which is good. The mids are there, but they are not overpowering. They're also very warm and smooth. The highs are similar to an alnico 2 pickup. It has plenty of highs, but they're not shrill like in a ceramic magnet. They tend to sing rather than shriek, which is very nice on the ears, especially for solos. Another thing is that the magnet is very powerful. It is suitable in a bridge pickup, but in a neck pickup it would cause string pull and decrease sustain. All in all, it's a very nice magnet.
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I think you will. I have one in an Alnico 2 Pro in my Razorback right now, but I'm gonna have the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop make me a Blackout bridge with one. Should be wicked awesome. When you get it, PM me and let me know what you think of it.
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