Sorry for all the PC questions, but I really need help with this, and google didn't help me.

I'm installing a game with multiple disks, and usually everything runs smooth. After Installing or putting in disk number 1, it tells me to put in disk 2 and continue. But, when I press the button, nothing happens. At all. No blinking green light or anything. I thought it might be the power connection, but I checked it and everything seemed fine, it was connected, no problems. Same with the other cables and wires.

Now heres the strange part. In the My Computer folder, It still reads it as having the disk inside of it, and reads the drive. I did the Right click>eject disk, and then the My Computer window went inactive.

Can anybody help me? Is it time for a new CD drive? If so, Can anyone reccomend me one?

thank you in advance

maybe a virus?
too much pron on your pc.

fully scan your pc for adware spyware trojan viruses etc
You could try either a reboot if it happens during the install process or try a defrag then try reinstalling.