What's a good one to get? I'm looking at one right now that has good reviews, but I have to pick what key I want it in, and I have no idea. I want to play mostly folk stuff, like Bob Dylan, what should I get?
You can't often go wrong with Hohners. You'll have to look over some of Dylans songs to decide what key to choose. My first was a Hohner diatonic in C, it cost £20.
Yeah, the one I'm looking at is a hohner, golden melody, but I don't know what key to get it in, and I'm not great at identifying that by ear, so help would be great.
I have a suzuki bluesmaster or something like that, and I'm pretty sure that C is the most common key.
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Get a key of C. No sharps or flats. A good starter. Then I'd get a key of E next. Hohners are nice.
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I bought a nice honor the other day for like $15. I got min in A but I shuold of bought one in c.
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If you want to play blues you shouldn't get it in C. I have one in C. I really like it, but it sounds a bit too cheery. For blues I reccomend either A or E, or a flat key, like A flat or D flat. If you want to play along with brass instruments like trumpets and saxophones and such, get a B flat.

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I've got a Lee Oskar in A major diatonic....I only really got it to play along with blues songs in E major. Anyway, it's pretty good sounding, and cheap too.
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Hohner Marine Band...

in G

best harp you can get.
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If you're just learning i'd get one in C to start things off.
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