Yesterday I was sitting on the computer when I remembered it was mother’s day and I hadn't gotten anything so I went and got a box of maltesers. Then this morning I went downstairs and gave them to my mum and when I went into the kitchen there was an even bigger box of maltesers that my mum and dad got for my gran.
I felt so bad. So did anyone one else get their mum anything or am I just sad

EDIT: It's mothers day in UK, I don't know where else it is. So don't worry that you forgot to get your mum a card etc. cause you proberly didn't
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Usual; bottle of wine, card, and some flowers. Dad always buys them, though, so it's all good.
Today is mothers day fools.

and I got my mum like £15 worth of chocolates and wine =]
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i got my mum wine gums...

i remember i forgot one year, and her and my dad went in this pure rager and didn't talk to me lol

seriously is mothers day earlier this year? or is it just me...
Top lel.
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yesterday was mothers day?
oh crap

No today lol.

my dad usualy buys my mum stuff but he didn't this year which was guttin for me. On the other hand this means my brother didn't give her anything so I look like the good child
In Portugal, mother's day is on May's first Sunday
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It wasn't mean, it was Portuguese.

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holy shit...mother's day??
*looks at calendar*
i don't know where you live, but my calendar just informed me that mother's day is in MAY
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...don't be scared
microsoft publisher > card wizard > google image search:sean bean = a mothers day card that deserves presidency

she loved it and that was all i got her
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i bought my mum some flowers chocolate and one of those compilation cds, well me and my sis went halves on it all but same thing
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I get it.. theyre not in the US.. i was confused for a while. Its okay man.. it happens all the time and your mom will forgive you...

if i can quote the great queen on this..

Mama,just killed a man,
Put a gun against his head,
Pulled my trigger,now hes dead,
Mama,life had just begun,
But now Ive gone and thrown it all away-
Mama ooo,
Didnt mean to make you cry-
If Im not back again this time tomorrow-
Carry on,carry on,as if nothing really matters-

Good luck man!
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wow i got scared for a second. but then it turns out mothers day is the second sunday in may in the US.

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This thread scared the crap out of me
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seriously is mothers day earlier this year? or is it just me...

yeah everything is earlier this year easter is on March 23 this year instead of April...whenever it usually is
lol my bad. I didn't know mothers day was on different days. I thought it was the same date every where.
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In Portugal, mother's day is on May's first Sunday


over in REAL countries it isn't xD

I got her a funny card that quoted ridiculous things that mother's say - example if you break your leg don't come running to me!
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yeah everything is earlier this year easter is on March 23 this year instead of April...whenever it usually is

Top lel.
I forgot it was mothers day today.

I realised at 3.15pm (thankfully my mum was away this weekend)

I had to quickly shower then run about half a mile to the shop (which I thought closed at 4 on a sunday)

When I got there breathless I found it was open til 6.

Had to run to Asda to get her a card and chocolate at the last minute.

It's her birthday in 11 days as well so I'm planning to be prepared for that and get her something half decent.
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You scared the **** outta of me. It's not Mother's Day over here.
Mothers' Day can take a hike. So can every other day dedicated to something or the other. I don't need one day of the year where it's customary to appreciate your mother. I appreciate my mother and all that she has done for me every day. I'll get things for her when I feel like it.
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Flower and card. Simple. ****ing hallmark holidays...
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Got my mother an ankle chain she asked for, take that DVD, and chocolate and card of course.
She loved it, job done
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**** you scared me big there. My mom called yesterday and I said like "oh I can't talk now I'm busy."

I had to check and it turns out that mother's day is the last sunday in may here... phew.
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yeah everything is earlier this year easter is on March 23 this year instead of April...whenever it usually is

Actually, easter Sunday is ALWAYS the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox.
That just happens to be rather irregular in terms of our current calendar.
Mum died in September, so Dad and I just had a minuites silence and remembered how great she was.
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Yngwi3, You win this whole monstrosity of a thread.

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I got her nothing.

I'm an awful person.

EDIT: ^ My heart dropped when I read that man. Can't describe how much I feel for you.