I'v heard a song _http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHU-AJTn0I8
ITS AWESOME!!! I like this song! But I can't find tabs or notes
Please, if enybody have tabs or something else, send me 'zurab91@gmail.com'
I see this page http://www.johnclarkemusic.com/listen.html
There are too amazing music! Look at this!
And if smbd have one of this tabs please send on mail me.
Sorry For my English, I'm from Russia!
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Hi All,

If I had the luxury of being able to give all my tabs and sheet music away for free, I totally would. I am very flattered and that so many people want to learn my guitar songs. I hope someday to be able to offer all of my songs for free to anyone that wants to learn them. But right now composing music for guitar is how I make my living. I am an unsigned do-it-yourself musician. I am not rich...I just need to pay bills so that I can continue to make music for the guitar. My international fans are my favorite fans of all. I know that some of you are not able to purchase the tabs from my website, or find my music in your country. I have posted the acsii tabs for "The Most Evolved" to the link below for people that aren't able to pay for the sheet music packages.


with love,

John H. Clarke
johnh clarke u are my inspiration, not only are u phenomenal at guitar but u also have the heart of a true musician. one day i wish i will be as good or even half a good as you, and bielive me when i tell u we all thank you for your compassion.