Alright I have a Peavey Fury II. And I don't know that much about gear, so I was wondering how good of a bass this is. Not that I'm going to be upgrading my bass anytime soon though. I'm getting a new guitar this month. I just wanted some opinions.

It has one peavey active humbucker. 20 - 22 ( I can't remember without looking at it) 34 scale.
Its peavey so it is gona be pretty decent.
Ive had 2 peavey basses, My first which was the milestone 3.
And my dynabass 5er.
Both really good, solid basses.
So i imagine the fury is the same.
Peavey makes a very solid bass, in their price range. i have not played the FuryII
myself, but here is some opinions of those that have.
Peavey dont make no junk!
It should be good.
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Cool, I just wish I knew when it was made. But I'm glad it's a good bass. I've always liked playing it.