I was looking at like the Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp, because it looks kinda hard, and I want a song so "strecth my abilities" both singing and playing guitar so as to play the best i possibly can. I can't really say how good I am, so let's go from expert down so i can find out what i can do. it has to be 3 minutes or compressible to 3 minutes (speeding up a bit, taking out verses) and there has to be a little bit of singing. not like 2 words. at least a chorus or something.
maybe crazy on you?
Maybe play wiskey in the jar and play the solo?
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im looking for a more acoustic song. like...not more. but all acoustic. i wont have people playing behind me and you cant edit backing tracks easily.
How about "I'm gonna find another you" by John Mayer? It's singable but it takes skillz to sing it well.. I enjoy it as a challenge anyway. Also you can make the guitar more or less complex to your tastes with the little fills he does. You can leave them out to make it easier or improv your own to make it more technical.

I dunno how long it is though but I would assume it's less than, or close enough to 3minutes.

EDIT: It's 2:45 so pretty close?