whats up guys? i want to get some new pick ups for my epiphone les paul custom 2, but ive never bought any and im not sure what to get, i like to play metal/rock. what do you guys suggest? thanks
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Didn't Kerry King use MGs at some point?

I think he just endorses them because he likes sacks of money
ya man those pickups are really good, i have those on my LTD and i play the same style of music and they sound just straight up amazing.
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What amp are you playing through?

pwned, normally it's someone else who ask that question.
Well, now that we know your amp...

Why do you wanna change your pickups?
What don't you like about your tone?

Because your weak link in your signal chain is your amp...So if you don't like something about your tone, it's your amp's fault. Your amp is responsible for around 70% of your tone. Your pickups are a much smaller part of your tone than you think.
Good luck with searching for a new amp. Then look up Bareknuckle Pickups. Sweet.

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