i got a boss dd-3 delay pedal
and a holy grail reverb pedal
using a crate fxt65
and i cant seem to get the sigur ros violin bow sound
at all
is there any tips you guys can give me
with trying to create their sound?
or settings you can give me for my pedals
the sound i got right now just sound like jimmy pages solo in
dazed and confused
but i want the sigur ros sound
can you guys help!?
thank you!
Maybe they use an ebow?
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use your amp distortion over a heavy amount of reverb and delay. Then, do volume swells with your volume knob.

The amp distortion is key, as the muddy/trippy sound is caused by the amp distortion.
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Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBOPzqmxZEM

This person uses no distortion, lots of reverb, and lots of delay, as far as effects go. The bow is a cello bow, and I imagine it has a ton of resin on it.
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are you sure there is no distortion
im not sure if i should use distortion or not
some people say yes
some people say no
and do you know what settings
i should put my
boss dd-3 delay pedal
and my holy gtail reverb pedal at?
i have absolutely no ****ing clue, but i imagine that you'd need to post some song names first.
also, try the ultimate-settings thread.
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