hiya! i googled and got odd answers, so i figured i'd ask the most intelligent educated people on the interwebs

i have a DKMG w/ emg81 and 85

i'm looking at PAF Pro Super Dist. and Tone Pro.
I know their ^ output,
but i can't find the emg's output.
thanks for helping!

oh and btw. what is output measurewd in? millivolts/amps or aomethin?
thanks for your help!
a vox ad15
looking to buy an laney lc15 possibly

but that's not the question lol. what's their output/unit of output?
You can't actually measure output in any accurate way but to listen.

DC resistance is the resistance of the windings. But different gauges don't compare. So that's out. Not accurate unless the two pickups compared have the same winding gauges, polepieces and magnets.
Millivolts output like DiMarzio use is affected by pick, picking strength, strings, and pretty much everything that's in the signal path. Not accurate.
Magnets do not change DC resistance but do change the actual output.

EMGs are VERY hot. Hotter than the PAFpro and Super Dist and most likely hotter than the Tone Zone.
If you are in the UK and looking for extreme;y hot pickups just look at Bareknuckle pickups, namely the nailbomb and Warpig. Slightly more expensive than EMGs can be but you don't get much hotter or just better
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I'd say hotter than the X2N. However EMGs are very clear and somewhat 'sterile' sounding. So they push your amp but usually feel not as mushy as other pickups can.

The Tone Zone for instance is the muddiest, mushiest pickup I ever tried. Not tried any of the other DMs you mentioned though...