hey guys ive been looking into my first electric as im new altho i played bass. i have 2 different kinds picked out that i like and both feel comfortable. the most favorite deos not have a whammy bar,and the 2nd favorite does. being new do i need one......if i dont get the whammy will i soon regret not having it. any advice would help.. thanks
don't get a tremolo if your new...it will make your life harder at restringing and intonation ect...
what are the two guitars btw
my first one i got a whammy and i kinda like it for my style of music cuz i love playing stuff like rage against the machine but i like it and i don have trouble re stringing
Most songs dont use Whammy, so you dont need it. Strat-style whammys, the smaller ones, arent too bad when it comes to stringing, setup, etc. But the big ones, the Locking trems, will give you alot of trouble, especially as a beginner. Get a whammy later, right now, i would go with a hard-tail or fixed bridge.
both of them are just washburns and yes 1 did have a tremolo . they are probanly cheap because not expensive.i cant realy spend alot on my first elec,i have a room full of bass guitars and i know it gets addictive.