We Tried

Rap, rap, on the door jump start
Slow down or she’ll hear my heart
God is everything placed
A Hollywood romantic evening traced

Lists flash before my eyes
Wine and movies lingerie and pies
So random as I open the door
And one look forgets it all once more

But we have to stop the movie halfway
Somehow horror films always end this way
With a zombie impaled and my socks on the knob
We were going for romantic and we’ve done a bang up job

Then there’s a dinner on the town
As the visa knocks the mints down
At our feigned attempts the waiter scoff’d
So I turn and slyly flip him off

He’s funny he treats me right
I’m nervous with a so far perfect night
Why should I give him room to err
So I flip off the waiter and run away scared

No dessert with dinner today
Somehow my evenings out always end in anyway
With a sigh I surrender romance to the odd
We were going for romantic but I guess we’re just lost
We tried romantic but,
Romance is for squares

Romance is outside of what I usually like to write about but I found it humorous enough. Any comments would be lovely.
weird but quite good, i don't get the 'rap rap, on the door jump start' bit though
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the song is a duet, girl and a guy. First verse is the guy going to her apartment for dinner and a zombie movie. 2nd verse is the girl right before opening the door.