What are the differences between steel and glass slides? I'm lookin to get one, but I have no idea which one I should get...
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Sound, preference depends on what type of sound you are lookin for.

I prefer a heavy steel slide sound. Try different ones out at the store.
I play texas blues tone with mine.
The are several differences. A steel slide weighs a **** ton, it might even weigh down your strings and hit the fretboard (not a pretty sound) if you have an electric with light strings. A steel slide will give you a more in-your-face slide sound, like elmore james or muddy waters type thing. Really bluesy and what not, good for acoustics. A glass slide gives you a much more mellow, warmer sound. But the best way to find out is to go to your local music store and try the different slides. They all have different thicknesses and each one sounds different.
Also a good thing to keep in mind is that a glass slide will most likely shatter if you ever drop it, so be careful if you go that way.
You can also get both, theyre like 10 bucks. I've got a hella thick steel slide and a nice glass one.
A friend of mine broke a cigar tube the other day and I am using that as a slide as well. Shot glasses are also an option.
I got my boyfriend one of each for his birthday. Honestly, you can find them so cheap that you might as well.
steel ones clank too much. glass are easier to handle.
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I prefer brass.. Glass slides have a habit of rolling off things and smashing
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I think glass slides have a nicer, warmer sound.
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I think glass slides have a nicer, warmer sound.

+1, I personally am not a big fan of a steel slide + single coils because it's too trebly way too much of a bite.

But with humbucker I use steel slides cause otherwise it gets way too muddy.

But I haven't used a slide in a while, need to buy one. My friend and I both lost ours