Poll: How long is your hair?
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SHORT (<5 centimeters)
80 18%
Something in between
231 52%
LONG (longer than shoulders)
129 29%
Voters: 441.
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In between, just kinda shaggy, above my eyes at the bangs and just below my ears at the sides.
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Something in between.

Almost perfectly half way between my ear and my shoulder.
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In between, just kinda shaggy, above my eyes at the bangs and just below my ears at the sides.

Longer than shoulders

EDIT: My HAIR is LONGER than my shoulders. Sorry I didn't read the thread title good enough.
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Short. Weeelllll, actually, if I take a ruler to it, it's about five centimetres on the dot. So, I dunno.
Long: Goes down to the blades
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Something in between , it's wavy and sometimes a bit messy, but it's ok.

I'm planning on letting it grow so it's considered long.
Shoulder length? But my sides are about my chin level and fringe is mid mouth to nose level lol
It's just past my shoulders, and curly....
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long, just past shoulders

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In between, just kinda shaggy, above my eyes at the bangs and just below my ears at the sides

Mine is just past my eyes and right about at the shoulders. It's rather poofy and wavy. Well on it's way to a full fledged afro.
Down to my neck.
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I have curly hair that goes about to my neck, but if I were to straighten it, it would go well below my shoulders.
Its almost to my shoulders, and its about time I get a pretty good haircut if you ask me.
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Down at the small of my back.
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My hair almost reaches my shoulders, but it's so curly that it can look short or like an afro instead.
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mine's big, poofy, curly, and long
it's past my shoulders a bit, but if i straightened it, it'd almost be halfway down my back
It's between my ears and shoulders...
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