Random Poem/Song, IDKWTF

Silenty, through the window
Love crept in
And held beauty at gunpoint
A silent siloquy falling upon deaf ears
As the blood spilt
Ever so eloquently
The veins are pierced, a wound gaps
It's said time heals all wounds
It just leaves a hideous scar
A reminder, of the past gone sour
A reminder, you're absent of a power
A little note, just to say
You really ****ed up, that one day
Unable to let go of the grasp so firm
Clinging to the past
The only thing getting you by
Is kisses, from days past
You write these sad songs, and dwell
You know it's torment, but you refuse to leave this hell
Are you content
With the chains that tie your heart down?
Are you content...?
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