I was wondering if the Boss DS-1 can get enough gain for Iron Maiden type of gain. (Also Metallica gain, Megadeth.. y'know, all the heavy bands)

If not, do you guys recommend the Metal Muff to do the job?

Im playing through an Epi Valve Junior Head + Cab.

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I would definitely recommend the Metal Muff. The Valve Junior isn't exactly a metal amp is it? Anything but that. And the DS-1 distortion doesn't seem to have a thick enough sound for metal. It can do hard rock, but metal probably not. You're best off with the Metal Muff. But there is other options, check around stores.
The Metal Muff is an awesome hi-gain distortion. I dont know how it would sound with the VJ but that's how Youngblood in the EHX Users Guild runs his and he says its good so I think it should be cool
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