I really liked it- right up my street. Singer is very, very like Cobain which is a good thing! The dissonance at the end of every phrase of the chorus in 'Hypocrit' works really well. Initially thought that the guitar tone was a bit iffy but fits well into the mix well during verse and chorus. Couple of minor **** ups by the guitarist but if they're only demos then it's not a big deal. The break before the solo's really good

I liked 'I'm going away' aswell. Works well with just the guitar and vocaols- I'd try hard not to overproduce it if ye're redoing it in the studio. The band's good on the whole- looking forward to hearing more!
Definitely fits the grunge mold to a T. Love the riff, the voice is phenomenal. One think I would suggest is maybe tightening up the guitar riff with a little EQ adjustment, though I'm not sure which way I'd lean. Experiment!

If you get a chance, please crit mine!

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