I've been wanting a les paul copy ever since i got my strat
and I used to look into Epiphone LPs only

but recently im hearing that Jay Turser 200 Les Paul copies are cheaper and better than Epi les pauls

can anyone tell me if JT 200 LP copies are actually decent?
even if they are not better than Epi LPs, are they pretty good guitars?
no. Epi's are Much, much better, from what I hear.
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I have a Jay Turser "strat" also, but I never play it anymore.. pretty good starter guitar though.

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If you're looking for a good LP copy, get an Agile guitar.
Agile AL-3100 (highly recommended)
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Get ready for someone to tell you how much better Agiles are. Anyway, I despise Jay Turser guitars, get an Epi.

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I own a Turser as well. It plays really nice. Sometimes it screams and I love the sound and the strings and it's body are tough.
hmm. harmony central has some pretty good reviews for Jay Turser 200C and 200D (which are also les paul copies)
can someone verify those...?
my friend has one of these, complete crap

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A friend of mine has a Jay Turser. I don't like it.
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