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I started playing keyboard a few days ago, and it's coming along great - I'm totally loving it. I have a little problem though. After a little while of playing I get pain in my elbow. Is this because of having the wrong posture? Cause i'm doing my best to make it right - but it still hurts every now and then. Can the slightest bit of wrong posture make my elbow hurt? Besides that - it's only my right elbow that gets pain. The left one is perfectly fine.

Any tips or advice is highly appreciated.
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Well if your playing correctly you should not be moving your elbow at all. Other than that make sure your bench is at the proper height, not too low or high.
Well maybe if you tell us how ur posture is, we might be able to help more

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Maybe your just tense, try to relax your muscles in your arm. I was having a similar problem with the guitar.