how often do you guys watch your left hand? I try to do them without looking at what my left hand is doing but sometimes screw up, and I can hear it. Normally I will find the right fingering. One thing I do is I don't quit strumming no matter what but I do have a difficult time setting all the fingers down at once. Bad habit, I know.

Quitting strumming also breaks the rhythm and forces you to stop. How long do you think it might take to get accurate at chord changes again after several years of not playing? I'm talking about the open chords, C, A, G, E, D, Am, Em, Dm. I practice around half hour to an hour a day but I don't really get into the practice as much as I should. Bad habit. Oh well, what are your thoughts?
it depends how long you've already been playing, to be perfectly honest i dont know how long it took me. I just remember being incredibly poor at chords when i first started so i never bothered with them. After a couple years in however i jst picked them. Without even trying really.
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just learn the different shapes
the more versatile you get (all) your fingers
the easier it is to learn the chords i feel like
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