I have a MIM SSS sunburst Stratocaster and I am looking into a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR for heavier things than my American Deluxe strat can't handle and also for the FR.

How much can I expect if I traded in my mexi strat? It has no noticeable paint chips or dents that I know of and everything is in working order. Does GC accept trade ins? Should I just sell it on my own on craigs list or something?
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You get a better price off of craigs list or the want-ad, but it won't be as quick of a process as GC. They do tend to rip you off there though.
200-250 avg, price on CL.

GC may give you about $50 for it, maybe less. They buy em cheap. You need to realize you paid 3 times what GC paid for the MIM. I would just keep it.

you get a c1 for under $400 on CL. I wish I still owned every gutar I ever bought, and not sold and traded them for other BS
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