THis is mundane but does anyone know how the hell to serve an ace in the tennis. Also how the fk do you hit a splitter in baseball!?!?!?
You want to hit the ball at the top of its flight when you serve, it will go really fast.

And as far as I know, you can't hit the splitter, only foul it.
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to serve an ace all you need to do is wait till the ball gets to its highest point in the serve and flick your wrist(fast) this works almost all the time but you have to make sure to hit the ball when its at its highest point if your too early or too late it will be just a regular serve. as for the splitter goes good luck with that one when you find out let me know. lol
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Is the splitter not holding A & B, then gently "throwing" the wiimote.

And as for the fish, Just leave the thing in the water, and when it bites, pull up and continute pulling up. Easy as...

I couldn't do it for like 6 hours first time around... I thought you needed the nunchuck

Edit: I thought you said how to throw a splitter. You can't hit them.