i ordered a digitech whammy 4 a week ago from usa. its meant to be arriving today or tomorrow.

my question is regarding the power. it most likely will have an american power pack on it, but can it be daisy chained to work with a boss power pack that i use to power my boss me50, and zvex fuzz factory? or does it require its own power pack for specific voltage/amps/whatever?

it uses an 18V supply, different to the common 9V power on most pedals. You will need to have thier adapter. But if you get the US power supply you could just buy an adapter from an electrics store.
ahh, good to know.

i'm always sketchy about using international plug adapters, should i use an american (120V 50Hz) to australian (230V 50Hz) adapter or go out and find an over priced power pack to suit?