i bought my tele almost a year ago but never really set it up. it stays in tune extremely well, however when i bend the high e string up past a certain point past the 10th fret, it just dies the sound. how can i adjust my saddly to stop this?
What Tele is it? 50/60/70 or any of the vintage reissue? Because that's called fretting out. It happens mostly with:

1) Too low string height
2) too curvy fretboards

So you need to either jack the string height up, get way bigger frets, or change the fingerboard radius/get a new neck...

If it's not the fingerboard radius, a higher string height will do no worries.
it is a 72 fender tele deluxe. let me also mention this never happened until i changed the stock strings with ernie ball super slinkey .9's
would be be right in assuming its a reissue deluxe? cause if you've only just swapped your stock strings out after thirty years... haha.
^ LOL i wish i had an original. yes i got a reissue. would the problems be in the strings then since it didnt happen with the stock strings????? and what should i do move the saddles up/down or closer to the bridge/closer to neck
Just raise the action, don't move the saddle towards the neck or the bridge. There should be some small hex screws on top of the saddle. Just raise the string there.