Hey so ive been working on some acoustic style music on my own but id like to add more to it i need drums bass and another guitar ill work online im in atlanta im mainly looking to work online unless there is someone in the area please get back to me asap
thats fine you could put some electric backgrounds into it to just add to the acoustic sound, do you have aim?
might be interested what are your influences
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i've got a point

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well nirvana, foo fighters, fuel, nickelback, nine inch nails, weezer, breaking benjamin, bush, the cure
and many more how about you?
I have aim, but I don't usually use it...
I have myspace tho...

and I'm really into Nirvana...
blink 182, all time low, sum 41, mostly pop punk, and some hardcore like Underoath and a Skylit Drive...