Hey people

Fender Lite Ash Strat - Natural Transparent.

Firstly, it is gorgeous. I was lucky enough to get one with an excellent wood grain design. The grain lines run parallel with the neck, sweet. Also the maple neck is a beautiful birseye. There are not so many birdseyes on the neck though like some guitars which make them look silly.

Basically, this guitar was not meant for me. I play shred and I do not feel this is my ideal guitar.
One thing for sure is that it is a no nonsense all round guitar but my main gripe is that it doesn't have a floyd style trem. Apart from that it is great.

I even replaced the bridge pickup with Seymour Duncan HotRails. This cost me £70. Excellent pickup. Very sensitive.
It has no dings/cracks and has been well looked after.

I am asking for £250.

It is my only guitar, so I would prefer a trade. I would also prefer if it iscollected in person so that you know that I am not bull****ing you.

Anyway, i know you can buy these brand new for about £300, but they com with a crap bridge pickup. (As with most fenders, the stock neck pickups are amazing). The stocks pickups on this guitar are all original Seymour Duncans! btw, I will include the original pickup if you want it.


I will include pictures if there is enough interest.


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Do you have a picture of the actual guitar? I can see the picture on the site but i'd rather see the guitar itself, with the natural finish, rather than trying to judge it by the little preview they give on the site.

Also, what kinda stuff you looking at for a trade, other than another guitar I mean like a cash/item deal.

Cheers man!
OK, i will put up pictures in a while. No problem.

For trade, I am looking for something like an Ibanez RG550. Has to have a strat shaped body and either OFR or edge trem. Also has to have 24 frets.

Thanks mate.
mate ive an excellent yamaha in my gearage sale post

yeah it may no be an ibanez style super strat

but just try and tell me you cant shred on an lp

and ill tell you you cant sleep on a bus

and you can
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When you are typing a post, there a several icons above the box where you tye the text. There is a picture of a yellow card like thing, click that and then paste the image location into it. If you can't find the box, try doing this:

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Hope that works man!
Man that is one sexy beast! Looks even better than the description sounded! Are you looking for a quick sale? Because I shelled out £140 on an iPod this weekend and I am going to London in a few weeks, as well as having just paid for my theory test lol.

I get paid on the 29th March so I should definately be able to buy the guitar then if it's still for sale. By no means am I expecting you to keep it for me, if someone else makes an offer for it then it's only fair they have it mate.

Get back to me pal!

[EDIT] Could you put a picture of the headstock up mate? Cheers!
bump, someone must want this. Virtually brand new. Someone must have an rg that they do not want.
I only an electro-acoustic for trade + cash.

Free bump for a great guitar though
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