Out of curiosity, what's your budget? You might be able to get a better guitar that comes stock with EMGs if you have the money for it.
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I've tried some other more expensive guitars and i feel that one is the best for me.
But, i would really go as high as 400-500 if you have a better suggestion. I would prefer something with 24 frets and no floyd rose.
ps- i play rock, metal and stuff like that
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You could try the Schecter C-1 (just the C-1). 24 frets, string-through construction, and stock Duncan Designed active pickups. It might have a chunkier neck than the Ibanez, though, so I don't know if it'd work for you.

Otherwise, definitely try the EMG upgrade with the RG. I'd say 81 bridge and 60 neck, just because an 85 might be a little too bright for the neck in a basswood guitar.
Ibanez RGA121 | ESP LTD H-1000
Axe-FX Standard
I have 81/85 in my guitar and i love it, and I also agree with who ever said that you can probably find a guitar with stock emgs, jackson/esp maybe? and i also know that there is an epiphone g400 that comes with it but i havnt played and i hate the g400 i have, so dunno, try other guitar but if you are really set on that rg then buy it.

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This one is a bit more than the one you are looking at, but the Ibanez MTM2 is a really nice guitar to play, and sounds excellent, but once again, no EMG actives.

LTD have a few really nice guitars with EMG's as standard, and make a good range of styles of guitars.

Agree with the 81 and 60 combo, would most likely be the best combo for that guitar.
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