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Is there a way to hasten building up calluses? I've been slowly picking my way through this theory book, and I'm actually getting more and more of an urge to play because I'm actually starting to get a little bit clearer sounding when i play (I'm still a complete beginner, but its something). The problem is, after like an hour or so of practicing I have to stop because my fingertips are raw

I'd keep going, but I just can't put enough pressure on the fretboard to produce a clear note at that point... so it basically means I have to stop playing til my fingers stop hurting.
i dont know that it helped, but when i was starting out i used to bite my fingertips a bit (with my side teeth, not the sharp front ones), and when id watch tv id like lay down on the couch and just scrape my fingertips against the carpet till i smelled burning :P
it took me about a month, keep practicing, just ignore the pain, i did and my fingers are strong as a rock
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If your fingers hurt that much from an hour of play, you might be pressing too hard on the strings. I used to do that, and when I started attempting solos and such, I got nowhere because I pressed too hard and it slowed down my finger speed.
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It seems like if I don't press hard enough I just get a ton of buzzing, so I'm pressing just hard enough to get clarity, but trying not to press much harder. I've only been playing for about 3-4 days now so I'm still really new. I think its more that I have to press with the spot on my fingertip where the rest of my finger doesn't touch any other strings (basically just below where my fingernail sticks out.. not under the nail, but just beneath. I have really fat fingers so its pretty much the only place I can press without getting a ton of buzzing). Downside is, its a pretty sensitive area, so I think its just getting sore really fast.
i beat up my fingers when i first started
i felt so badass
i was like woah im becoming a real guitar player
it gets better after a while

some guys use superglue on their tips
i dont really recommend it (if u wonder why they do.. try it)
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I've only been playing for about 3-4 days

Give yourself a month or so. It will all be worth it in the end.
i hear eric clapton used to put rubbing alcohol on his every nite
ive tried it b4... not sure if it helped cuz i wasnt consistent with it, but mayb give it a try...

or do it the old fashioned way... PRACTICE ;]
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