Not bad, try not to make your vibrato so quick and nervous, and get a nice amp!
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Ive got Line 6 SPider 3 HD 150 but i dont have a good cabinet, or any cabinet...ai have to run through my old practice amp
A spider is a spider. It's still not a good amp. Should have saved up for a tube amp. The playing isn't bad, by the way. Nice job.
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Well, my dad and i recently found a Silvertone Tube amp..its really old, i think from around 67-68 im not sure ill post pics as soon as i get them, but i dont have a cab
Good, I like the bits where you speed up, a lil' bit sloppy but you'd expect that from youtube videos, I doun't have the courage to put one up. Great Job
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yea this is pretty sweet, i liked how u moved around a lot, kept it changin up a bit. I realize like u said it got slightly sloppy at times, but the speed changes and quick bends kept it interesting....so dont be so hard on yourself and say ya suck...cuz theres millions of people out there who couldnt even play a G chord on a guitar, lol...and on a whole this was pretty tight. good jam. Tone got a lil harsh for me at times, but it coulda been a combination of the recording too...i had a spider II once, and i got rid of it cuz it seemed to harsh for me then too....picked up a peavey valveking, and while people have mixed opinions on em, but, i like it for the 450 i paid for it.


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