I sometimes love to play fast when I'm messing around, and turning up the gain seems to just put out more speed. Is this ok to do? or is my speed coming from the high gain in stead and not from me myself, i have Epip Special II, and a Fender 15R. yes, they are both bad . But do you guys play somewhat on high gain when playing metal?
well more distortion will cover your mistakes, so i'd say the high gain is probably covering some of your mess-ups. you could play that fast with less gain, but you'd notice your mistakes. if i was you, i'd always learn a song clean, so you know when you really nail it. of course then you can crank the distortion and rock out.
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well for example, if the gain is set to 4-5, playing something fast, i gotta really fast moving my hand fast to get that speed. And if the amp was set on 7-8, and playing at that same speed, it sounds almost twice as fast as on 4-5.
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if you play metal and you gain isnt cranked to 11 then its not metal!

Wow...you're an idiot. More gain = muddier tone, less gain = more crunch = heavier. Try turning down you gain a little and see how much better it sounds.
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on your amp than it doesnt sound as good with the gain high up I know because i had one. On a Vox you HAVE to have the gain all the way up if you want a metal tone.
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The best is when you crank a tube amp and you dont just get preamp distortion, you get the natural break up of the power tubes.
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The best is when you crank a tube amp and you dont just get preamp distortion, you get the natural break up of the power tubes.

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i think i gotta up my gear, from crap to something reasonable to play. i feel i deserve a guitar, amp because i've put a lot of effort into playing and getting my own style of play. only been playing for a year and a half, but pushed myself to learn maiden(with solo's) got some new techniques, but my crap a$$ gear sounds so bad.