This is a really melancholy acoustic piece I'd been writing off and on for over a year before finally recording it. I decided the guitar would soudn more interesting with some chorus and the vocals needed reverb...the only problem is, Audacity's G-verb makes everything sound like a robot. But I actually like the weird vocal effect so I kept it.

It's on my profile, I'd appreciate any comments.
really liked the guitar in the song...the vocals freaked me out at first but then i kinda got used to it but i cant say i overly enjoyed you...you got a really good voice tho it just didnt sound so good lol
really liked that man vocal effect really makes it sound cool
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My god.

Your username... it's amazing.

agree with DMBftw...i was liek zomgniceguitarplaying and then liek ZOMGWTFVOCALS?!

anyway think you should record it in a real studio, cuz i think it's a VERY good song, i think the vocals are good aswell, if recorded properly.

i'd like to see the lyrics! and a studio version of this!
take off the effect on the voice. did you record in a bathroom? don't do that either.

you may want to put something between your mouth and the mic for when air gets to it when you're pronouncing P's and breathing.

pretty good job though