The pickup selector is all ****ed up, like if you touch it the slightest bit, the connection is interrupted and you get the sound when the cable is half in, until you fiddle around the cable.

And ive got a desicion to make.

I was just going to take it to my local shop and have them fix it, most likely will cost like 50 bucks or something.

My friends dad, whos an "all knowing guitarist old guy" said i should take it back to guitar center where i bought it, and get a rebate or just complain to them.

Thing is, i really like THIS gibson, i had played pleny of faded v's they had there and this one was perfect.

What should i do?
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If you like that one so much then shell out and get it fixed; you might never find the same enjoyment of one instrument again.
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Just take it back for a different one, if it's not been too long they should take it, otherwise it's probably covered in your warranty, although I would try guitar center or the repair shop first, as Gibson will take forever.


I understand what you mena about your guitar, every other SG standard I've played had ****ty frets and a fretboard that was hanging off the neck, I love mine.

Here's what you should do, go to allparts.com, but a three way switch, and solder it in yourself, it'll probably cost under $20 total.
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its either a connection problem, or a bad switch

'if connection is the problem just solder it, its so easy

if its a bad switch... buy a new one, theyre like 23 bucks and than solder it in, it will not be nearly worth 50 dollars as it is only like a minute of work... and thats bull**** if a shop charges an hourly labor wage on something so small
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