How do people memorize songs? Like im learning how to memorize wonderwall, and i know all the chords, but i dont know where they go in the song, and i know the lyrics by heart, but i always get confused were to put the chords, at certain words. Ive been playing that song for about a month, everyday
play it till its just second nature... and your hands just have yo play it right
i just play it a few times and i know it, so i guess im lucky
really intriquite melodies on the other hand are different
i would say just keep practicing every day, but you say you've been doing that for a month. Listening to the song would help. Thats all i can really think of
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when i learned a song i play it with the music so i know where everything goes. besides it's just practice...and you have been playing for a month...or just playing that song for a month?
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ive been playing for about a year. and know about 5 songs, but none by heart. But i just started getting serious about guitar about a week ago. Trying to learn scales, barres, music theory, etc.
Try taking it one section at a time; get the verse down or even just like the first line or something and only play that bit when you play it, then when you've memorized that part move onto the next bit.

Also don't make the mistake of trying to memorize the whole song; just remember the important parts like verse, chorus, bridge and whatever; don't try and memorize it as a whole song.
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you just practice it enough times that you know. for example when i was first starting out i used to count how many times i'd have to play a riff and now it's just natural to me how many times i'm supposed to play it.
make sure you make the effort to mentally associate the physical actions with the sounds that come out.
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To memorize a song.

Well you know the lyrics. Thats a start. But what you need to do is be able to sing the lyrics on time. once you develop your musicality you will be able to naturaly just play the riff and sing it.

I think your biggest issue right now is that your not seperating your riff from the singing. What you gotta understand is that the riff is a constant. it changes and you sing over it. Start by playing the riff and trying to hum how the song goes to get an idea of how the key changes work. then add in lyrics.
i find it way easier if you can play the guitar part of the song not just the lyrics through in your head than it is really easy to memorize
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For onr it helps if you actually have heard and know of the songs then dont try to learn it note for not just try to renember sections and after you practice for awhile you should have it down