is it harder to play faster with 11 gauge strings?or is it just harder to bend? because im not sure if i want to keep these 11's on my guitar if it slows down your speed alot.
It is a little hard to play faster and bend with 11 gauge strings, but I like the tone and feel of them. If you're willing to sacrifice the tone of heavier strings for speed, then it's your decision.
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I don't see any difference in either speed nor bends with 11s, compared to 10s. I use 11s for standard tuning, 11/52 if I can.
Speed is 99% the player. Not the neck, speed... ok maybe pick a bit too... but it's the player mostly. Don't worry about it that much and just try, you may be surprised!
you get used to them. i've been using 11 gauge strings since like august now i can bend them very easily.