A lot of that was completely random...what does your interest in musical theory have to do with Epiphone being slackers?

Anyways, no I'm not waiting for an Elitist of any kind, since apparently they don't have the dotted hollow body available in left hand (I can't remember the name of it, but Clapton used to play a Gibson version of it back in the day).
Global warming at my homework, sir.
^ That would be the ES-335 Dot.
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Sorry, I'm kinda multitasking and not thinking straight. I've picked up musical theory because its a part of the guitar I can work with without actually having a physical guitar. But I was just curious as to if this was occurring with other guitars or if it was just Epiphone. I just hope they aren't trying to get rid of it like they did the Elitist SG.

What sucks is, I'm making a transfer from being an unmusically theory educated metal player to a player that uses theory and plays a blues based (classic) rock, and have no guitar that I can really work with to make progress, until Epiphone sends out some guitars!