Hey, Ill delete this as soon as it gets solved, but how do I modify the speed and tempo in the middle of a song? When I do the tempo thing it only changes for the whole song. How do I change for only one part of a song?\

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Highlight one part maybe? iono...never tried it

tried that, did the whole song
You'll see something on the "Note" menu called "Mix Table.

Click on it.
There's a tempo setting, set your tempo. If you want a crescendo or decrescendo, then look where it says "immediately" and choose how many bars you want to crescendo over.

Damn, beaten with hotkeys.

Well, my way is better.
ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.

Oh man. I'm doing this from memory because I can't be arsed to open it just to look.
I think you set the tempo at the beginning, insert a flag where you want the tempo change, then click on the bar where you set the flag and set the new tempo. Keep repeating this to do/undo tempo changes in different parts of the song.

I may be wrong, but that seems to be what I remember.

EDIT: And it appears I am wrong. Oh well, I tried.
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