ok umm im looking for a ibanez jetking 1 but all i can find is a jetking 2 but i dont like that one and i really want the jetking 1 if anyone knows were i can get one please tell me or if u have a website that sells them send me a link.
they were discontinued ages ago
krozka-sharpe raider session 'revo'
ibanez s520ex with SD TB-10 full shred bridge
ibanez sz520qm
epiphone les paul custom
epiphone EJ200

Orange tiny terror with PPC112 cab
oh dang well um im 13 and i need a good guitar do u know any guitars that are like the jtk1?
Maybe you could just suck it up and buy the Jtk2?


I own a jtk2 and I like it more than the 1st.
The pickups on the 1st are just super 58's
Instead of a 58 at the bridge on the second it has an axis

In otherwords it's not as hot and annoying.
I don't even shred